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... wherein Spanish must share the pain of the cancellation with *everyone*.

[The Firefly musical has sold out through May, but tickets are still available for the June performances -- see my performance calendar for details.]

This week's situation:  "You are convincing your friends to watch Firefly."

Think of it as "The Han Solo Adventures".

Piense en ello como «Las Aventuras de Han Solo».

The show actually understands that there's no sound in space.

La programa realmente entiende que no hay sonido en el espacio.

It's a sci-fi show that FOX mismanaged and ultimately buried.  That means it HAS to be good.

Es una programa de ciencia-ficción que FOX mal administró y enterró en última instancia.  Eso significa que tiene que ser bueno.

There is creative Chinese profanity.

Hay blasfemias creativas en chino.

If you watch this, I promise I'll never mention Dollhouse again.

Si ves esto, te prometo que nunca voy a mencionar una vez más Casa de Muñecas.

It's got that redhead from Mad Men and, more importantly, that pirate from Dodgeball.

Tiene esa pelirroja de Mad Men y, más importante, la pirata de Dodgeball.

Fine.  If you watch Firefly, I'll watch Once Upon a Time.  But I won't be happy about it.

Bien.  Si usted mira Luciérnaga, voy a ver Érase Una Vez.  Pero no voy a ser feliz por eso.

Hey, the early cancellation means there's no weak and disappointing finale!

Oye, la cancelación prematura significa que no hay final débil y decepcionante!

Note:  As always, these 'translations' are just Google Translate output, so corrections are totally welcome.

Also, click this link for an entire web site of Spanish situations!
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