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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Wednesday (5/9/12) 3:41pm - ... wherein Peter lists the symptoms of the eye problem.

Some info about this eye problem:

My current plan is to give it one more day, see if it gets better, and if it doesn't, drop by the clinic and pay a small pile of money to get it looked at.  Mainly I want to verify that this isn't something that will cause permanent damage.

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Date:Thursday (5/10/12) 12:02pm
Peter, this sounds like what I just went through in Costa Rica. If so, it's an infection of the eyelash follicles (basically a stye) and will go away on its own over time. You can help it along the way by cleaning the eye lids regularly with a gentle soap. And some websites recommended putting moist teabags on the eyes, but who knows about that. Also recommended was coconut oil.

If it gets extreme, you might get a prescription for an anti-bacterial topical cream.
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Date:Thursday (5/10/12) 2:59pm
If it's a stye I would definitely recommend an antibacterial cream, I had one with my daughter that lasted 4 months, then when we used the cream it went away in a week (of course you need to finish off the course).
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