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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (5/10/12) 5:34pm - ... wherein Peter gets his eye problem diagnosed.

The verdict from the (cute) nurse at the CVS clinic is "bacterial conjunctivitis".

She's not sure if (1) there were bacteria on the contact lens I used on Saturday, or (2) if I got bacteria on my eye while removing said lens, or (3) if I got a tiny abrasion on my cornea that got infected, or (4) it was just the lingering sinusitis having one last hurrah.  The end result is the same:  bacteria are running amok in my left eye.  She prescribed tobramycin eyedrops to clear things out, and recommended cold compresses and Advil to make things bearable in the meantime.

This all makes sense to me; it's what every other medical professional I talked to suspected was going on (without the benefit of actually seeing my eye), and what they all recommended as treatment.

Important note:  this is pink-eye, so I've got to worry about contagion.

Specifically, for the next 24 hours (until the antibiotics can really get going), I've got to be pretty paranoid about touching anything.  If (1) I touch my eye, then (2) I touch an object, then (3) you touch the object, and then (4) you touch your eye, you could wind up with this same big barrel'o'fun that I'm dealing with.  I'm committed to doing the Free Fringe tonight, but please understand if I don't make any physical contact with anybody (and frequently wash my hands).  And I imagine I've been a big ol' disease vector all week, so my apologies for that.  Hopefully nobody has gotten sick from me.  (I suspect the lack of much discharge from my eye has made it less contagious than it could be.)

Between Advil, cold compresses, and antibiotics, I'm actually feeling more-or-less normal this afternoon, even if my eyes are still a bit asymmetrical.  In any case, it looks like I'm on the road to recovery -- they say I should already feel a lot better tomorrow.

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Date:Thursday (5/10/12) 5:34pm
I greatly hope that these antibiotics don't, uh, cause "unintended complications" again. I also hope that your eye heals quickly.
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Date:Thursday (5/10/12) 5:35pm
Ha!  Yup, likewise.  At least this treatment won't affect gut-bacteria, y'know?
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