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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Tuesday (6/26/12) 12:20am - ... wherein Peter posts a Weekly Media Update.

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TV:  Mad Men [2x09-2x13] [spoilers]
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Mad Men [2x09-2x13] [spoilers]
I don't think I have much more to add to what I said last time.  In these concluding episodes, I can appreciate, intellectually, that they're setting off all of the bombshells that they've carefully set up earlier in the show.  Yes, Peggy finally tells Peter about having his baby and giving it up.  Yes, Betty finally admits that she's pregnant.  Yes, Duck Phillips pulls the trigger on selling Sterling Cooper, but drinks his way out of the promotion he'd arranged for himself.  I can tell that these are the highest-stakes situations for the show.

But honestly?  I watch this show on netflix streaming, and after 2x13, I went on to 3x01 without realizing that I'd hit the end of a season.  I just said to myself, "Huh.  Guess we've jumped forward about six months," and figured this was more of season two.  Intellectually, I should have absolutely pieced together that this was the culmination of a season, but emotionally, that finale felt like it was still going forward the way it always did -- the same steady tension, the same deliberate pace, only with bigger things at stake than before.

That said, I do appreciate the slow drift.  At this point in the show, Don Draper's world is starting to feel like a gyroscope that's losing speed -- it starts wobbling, moving around in widening gyres, and looping away further and further from its starting point.  That's how I felt watching, say, Don bolt from his business trip and wander off with the happy hedonists of "The Jet Set".  And I could see how the show had taken him inexorably to that point.

And I suppose the gyroscope simile could apply to the very start of the series, too -- it's a setup that's very stable, but you know that it can't possibly last.  Eventually there will be too much friction from the outside world, and it'll run out of angular momentum, and it'll fall down.

So yes, I'll come back to season three in due time, but there's no hurry.  While I may not know how the plot will work itself out, detail-wise, I suspect I already know how it will feel.  So:  no hurry to sate my curiosity there.

For next time:  I'm watching the first season of Parks and Recreation, which is famous for being disappointing, but so far seems not-bad.  Also, I'm continuing to listen to A Clash of Kings on audiobook.

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