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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Sunday (7/1/12) 3:00pm - ... wherein Peter is goin' to Chicago.

I figured I'd post all the details about my upcoming Chicago trip, just in case anybody had missed the info:

This Saturday, I'm flying off to Chicago.  I'll be living in Chicago for roughly a month, until August 11th.  I'm there to take the five-week "Summer Intenstive" program at the Improv Olympic theater.  I'll be in classes from 11am-5pm, Monday through Thursday.  I'll get to see iO shows for free, so I'll spend a lot of evenings out seeing those.  Oh, and I'll perform in a graduation show on August 9th.

The iO Theater is by Wrigley Field.  Meanwhile, I'll be staying  with my brother and his family out in Wilmette, about an hour out of town by train.

Naturally, I'll want to know all the fun things going on in Chicago while I'm there.  Also, if I know you and you live in Chicago, it would be nice to see you this month.

Oh, and I'd like to go out dancing while I'm there, so I may pester some of you for information about that.

~ excelsior! ~

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