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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Wednesday (9/12/12) 11:11am - ... wherein Peter posts a tooth update.

Quick update on tooth stuff:  I went in again today and had them closely examine the two teeth that Mannem wanted crowned.  One of them, #13, they pored over for a long time, took a variety of X-rays, and *finally* found some decay *under* a filling in that tooth.  They still didn't see why they should put a crown on it.  So they took out the existing filling, cleaned out that bit of decay, and dropped a new filling in.

The other one, #19, already had a crown on it, and didn't seem to have anything wrong with it, decay-wise.  But honestly, I was thinking of getting that crown replaced anyway.  It wasn't quite seated correctly, meaning there was a little two-millimeter gap at the bottom of the crown.  Unless I was very lucky, eventually some bit of food was going to get lodged in there, decay would start, and the tooth would start rotting away *under* the crown.  Not only that, but this was a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown -- which is relevant here because that poorly-fitted part at the bottom revealed the 'metal' part of the crown, so the bottom of the tooth looked gray and sickly.  (It also meant, if I understand correctly, that there was no way for an X-ray to see through the metal and figure out if there *was* anything going wrong under the crown.)

I went ahead and spent an extra $260 to get that crown replaced with an all-porcelain, properly-fitted one.  And I figured if Mannem had somehow (via magic) spotted damage in the underlying tooth, then this was insurance against that as well.  But they removed the crown and didn't see anything wrong with the toothy nub underneath it.

Tomorrow, I go in one last time: they'll put in three permanent crowns and do a round of tooth-whitening.  Then I'll be done with this.

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