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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Wednesday (10/10/12) 5:49pm - ... wherein Peter has about another day to think of a funny sketch idea.

Currently pondering ideas for two-minute-or-less Arrested Development sketches, for this contest.

My sketch ideas:
1.  A couple of paranoid fans launch a pre-emptive "save Arrested Development Season Four" campaign.

2.  A guy interviews for one of the walk-on roles.  Cutaways reveal that, over and over again, he's had to put up with the fallout of the Bluths' shenanigans.[1]

3.  A reporter interviews Mitch Hurwitz, ca. 2011; it quickly becomes clear that the reporter is absolutely desperate to see an AD reunion, and struggles to interpret anything Hurwitz says as evidence it will happen.  ("So, when you say, 'I don't know,' does that mean... 'Yes'?")

4. A brief talk with the "documentary crew" that put together S1-S3; how they had to watch lots of dull footage, follow the family absolutely everywhere, and deal with the family starting to act un-commercial and meta in season three -- all while Ron Howard was threatening to kill them in terrifying ways.

Any of these seem promising?

[1] ... e.g., burned by the cornballer, somehow caught in the banana-stand fire, had a Sudden Valley home that got repo'd by the government during the "light treason" investigation, etc.

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