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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Saturday (10/5/13) 5:09pm - ... wherein Peter asks a question about smoke alarms.

Since I am now old and boring, this post is about a little home-maintenance problem I'm having.

The house I live in has smoke alarms.  When I moved in, those smoke alarms were over ten years old and needed to be thrown out.  My house has little mounting brackets in the ceiling for the smoke alarms -- they look like this.  Note that the bracket has two sets of mounting screw-holes (huh huh) you could use -- there's an inner pair that are 2¾" apart, and an outer pair that are 3⅜" apart.

Previously, the house had Firex 120-1182 smoke alarms.  Those came with mounting plates that lined up perfectly to the 2¾" screw-holes.  Kristin (AKA my landlord) kindly bought some new i3090 smoke alarms for the house to replace the dead ones.  The problem is, the mounting plates on the *new* smoke alarms have holes that are exactly 3" apart -- that's too big for the inner (2¾") mounting screw-holes and too small for the outer (3⅜") mounting screw-holes.

Obviously, I'd like to have functional smoke alarms in my house, but I'm not sure what to do.

I figure the ideal solution is to buy new smoke alarms that are compatible with either the 2¾" holes or the 3⅜" holes -- ideally ones that are also compatible with the AC power cables poking out of the mounting brackets -- but I have no idea how to tell which brands/models will provide that.

What should I dooooo?

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