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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (12/2/13) 6:21pm - ... wherein Peter posts the chords to a country song he likes.

Finally worked out the chords to Robbie Fulks' "When You Get to the Bottom":

[capo @ 2]

                  G      G7
One year free and single
And my, how we've grown
You swing with the stars 
                  Em  C
While I'm in this bar
Drinking alone

                  G     G7
Yes you're flying high
                     C   Am
Live it up while you can
                         G C9 Em 
But when you get to the bottom
      D             G    C9 G
Don't reach for my hand

Don't think 'cos I've fallen
Fallen I'll reamin
Time's the cure
The stuff that they pour
Just helps with the pain

Your wild thirst for pleasure
Has made my despair
But when you get to the bottom
Girl I won't be there


       Am          D7          G      Em
You're living like there's no tomorrow
  Am                Cm       G 
I live like there's only yesterday
    Em                         A
But who will break free of his sorrow
    Am                        D
And who'll have a lifetime to pay?

Yes tear it up crazy angel
Let your reckless heart roam
And when you get to the bottom
You'll know you've come home

[solo over first half of chorus]

When you get to the bottom
You'll know that you're home [walk E up the scale to D]

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