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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Friday (1/10/14) 5:19pm - ... wherein Peter adds Remember the Milk tasks via launchy.

Whee, I just sorted out adding tasks for Remember the Milk tasks via Launchy.

If neither of those programs interest you, just keep movin' on...

Here are the steps that it took. It was very involved.

  1. Install Python 3.3.3 from here.
  2. Install SourceTree from here.
  3. Install "distribute" by downloading this file, navigating to it in a command window, and entering "<the path to python.exe>" distribute_setup.py
  4. Install "pyrtm" from here. You can do this by hitting the "clone" button and saying you want to clone the code in SourceTree.
  5. Open a command window, go to where you saved the code, and type: "<the path to python.exe>" setup.py install
  6. Download the "rtm-CLI" script from here. Again, you can do the clone/SourceTree thing.
  7. Open up that rtm script in an editor. Find the ENABLE_READLINE setting, and replace "1" with "0".
  8. Move rtm to C:\windows.
  9. Create a batch file somewhere called run-rtm.bat. It should just have one line:
    "<the path to python.exe>" "C:\windows\rtm" add %*
    • You can add other parameters to the end of the line, as per the "Modifying Tasks" section of this documentation.
  10. Open up the options for launchy.
  11. Go to the "Plugins" tab and select "Runner".
  12. Press the "+" button to add a new item. Fill out this item as follows:
    • "Name": The name you want to use for the shortcut. (I used "r".)
    • "Program": The path to run-rtm.bat.
    • "Arguments": Set this to "$$" (without the quote marks).
      • (As in the batch file, you can add extra arguments here.)
  13. Right-click on launchy and select "Rebuild catalog".
  14. You should now be able to bring up launchy, type "r" (or whatever name you used), type "tab", and then enter a new task.
    • On this first usage, it should bring up a browser window to let you authenticate the RTM-CLI tool's usage of your RTM account. Go ahead and approve that.

Whew. Note that the equivalent for Alfred, on the Mac, is relatively painless.

EDIT: Oh-ho-ho.  Yeah, I was wrong about that 'easy' thing.

The Alfred workflow I linked to doesn't actually do the functionality I listed above, and the underlying software it uses ("rumember") doesn't seem to support posting a new task set to a particular priority.  So I ended up creating this workflow.  You'll see that it is calling "postRTMTask.scpt".  This is an AppleScript I wrote based on Ann Berlee's RTM plugin (which unfortunately relied on "Sparrow", a now end-of-lifed mac mail client). Here is that script:

on run argv
	set recipientName to "Remember the Milk"
	set recipientAddress to "YOUR RTM ADDRESS HERE"
	set theSubject to item 1 of argv
	tell application "Mail"
		set theMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {visible: true, subject:theSubject}
		tell theMessage
			make new to recipient with properties {name:recipientName, address:recipientAddress}
		end tell
		send theMessage
	end tell
	return theSubject
end run

So basically, I call that script from a whole range of keywords, passing different RTM parameters to the script every time.

Note that "YOUR RTM ADDRESS HERE" is your 'import' email address with Remember the Milk.  You can find that on the "Info" tab of the RTM "Settings" page..

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