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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Friday (2/21/14) 4:46pm - ... wherein Peter wants a Noisli desktop app.

I have a possibly-dumb computer question.

I like Noisli.  It's a lovely little web site that provides a simple interface for providing soothing background noise.  Press the cloud button, and it plays rain audio.  Press the fire button, and it plays fire sounds.  And so on.

What I don't like is having to run Noisli in my browser.  If I want to *mute* the soothing rainstorm noises, I have to hunt through my (nearly infinite) browser tabs to find Noisli.  Likewise, if I quit Chrome, I don't necessarily want to kill the soothing rainstorm noises.

What I would *like* is to have an icon on my desktop that just says "Noisli".  And when I double-click that icon, I get a little window that just shows the noisli site.  No address bar.  No browser buttons.  No navigation controls.  Just a title bar, some scrollbars, and the contents of that page:

If I quit Chrome, that Noisli window *stays open*.  If I try to drag that Noisli window into my browser, *nothing happens*.  If I look in my task switcher, that window shows up as "Noisli", maybe with a little raincloud icon.

There must be a way to do this, right?  I don't even know where I'd start googling for it, though.

And the thing is, this would be handy beyond just soothing rainstorm sounds.  I'd like to write myself a little stopwatch application.  I could do this in no time in JavaScript, but then I'd face the same problem I have with Noisli site -- I'd have to run it in a browser, where it would get lost in my open tabs and blip out of existence whenever I quit the browser.

It would be so much nicer to have a little "stopwatch" icon that opens up a little stopwatch window, one that just happens to be a web page on my computer.

How do I make this happen?

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Date:Thursday (2/27/14) 12:16pm
You're on a Mac these days, right? Open the page in Safari, and then choose File->Open in Dashboard. Scroll down to see the icons you want, and click one. If you want more of them, grow the selection box. Click "Done". The portion of the page will now open in your Dashboard. You can then hit the little info button in the bottom right of that widget and deselect "Only play audio in Dashboard".
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Date:Sunday (3/2/14) 11:50pm
Thanks!  I flip between Windows and OSX these days.  It turns out Fluid is a handy way to turn web pages into apps, too...
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