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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (3/27/14) 12:56am - ... wherein Peter edits an old project.

Today, I hit a bit of a milestone on editing Sketchville.

Sketchville was a webseries I shot with some friends back in 2007 (!).  Each episode is a short scene, and all the episodes take place during a single day.  Eventually, you start to see recurring characters and storylines, and they all start mosaic-ing together into a larger story.  We shot thirteen episodes -- about half what we had planned -- and then the whole machine ground to a halt.

The footage gathered dust on a hard drive in New York for years and years.

A few years back, when I left my job, I resolved to buy an iMac, teach myself editing, and complete the project myself.  So that began what's been sort of the Shawshank Redemption of editing projects, as I very slowly chipped away at the baker's dozen of scenes.  First, I put in time learning the basics of editing.  Then, I put together some basic improv videos.  Then, I got sidetracked by making improv videos for a long, long time -- but even then, I managed to put together my first sketch videos, learning how to cut together scenes (albeit at a glacial pace).  Maybe a year or so ago, I got a copy of the Sketchville footage, and started (slowly, slowly) reformatting all those projects for the latest version of Final Cut Pro.

Then, for the last few months, I've been editing all thirteen episodes, a little bit at a time, whenever I can squeeze it into my schedule.  Today I finally finished phase one: I've got all the video and audio clips arranged like I want.  There's still a lot more work to do: I want to tweak the audio so it sounds more consistent, do color correction, add a few basic effects, and sort out its scoring.  But at this point I have a finished product, however rough, and I feel convinced I can take this the rest of the way.[1]

The project is a neat little time capsule.  It features a lot of Austin improvisors (Kareem Badr, Kacey Samiee, Bob Apthorpe) and people who would later be involved in Austin improv (Jeff Britt, J. M. Specht).

Finishing this will mean a lot to me.  Sketchville has always been the one project where I really my friends down.  I got them all to lend their time and talent to this project, and then I let it vanish into the land of vaporware.  So now, seven years later (good God), I'm finishing this, and making good on an implicit promise.

Go me!

[1] I never like announcing a project unless I'm dead certain I'm finishing it.

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