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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Wednesday (9/17/14) 1:25am - ... wherein Peter has a yoga question.

I've been doing five minutes of yoga per day based on one of the settings of the "Sworkit" app.  It's been fine -- nice to stretch out a bit at the start of the day -- but I suspect that particular set isn't doing me that much good.[1]

I'm mainly interested in two things:
1. Someday touching my toes.  Someday.
2. Reducing the tension in my shoulders.

My question: if I'm doing five minutes of yoga (or maybe just "stretching") per day, are there beginner poses that can help me accomplish those goals?  And if so, should I check in with an instructor about doing it right before making that a daily practice?

[1] It's pretty much just the warm-up section of their "Full Sequence" set.

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Date:Wednesday (9/17/14) 7:28pm
You could do a handful of sun salutations.

Checking in with Kacey or Lauren or somebody wouldn't be a horrible idea.
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