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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Friday (12/4/15) 2:06pm - ... wherein Peter has WiFi troubles

About a month or two, my iMac -- the main computer I'd used for work -- died.  I replaced it with a MacBook in a dock, which means I can just plug the laptop into the dock and it automatically hooks up to study's dual-monitor setup and all its handy peripherals.

All that is great.  The only problem is, I can't teleconference in from my study.  The bandwidth is just too slow.

So I did some testing, running http://www.speedtest.net on my MacBook to try to characterize the problem.  I tried using an ethernet cable and a dongle to connect directly to my cable modem.  Then I tried the MacBook's built-in WiFi while I was in my study.  I tried using a WiFi extender, in case it was a range problem.  I tried using a WiFi antenna, in case it was a problem with the MacBook's WiFi connection.  I tried using the MacBook in different rooms.  Here are some of the download speeds I got (all speeds in Mbps):

This is interesting, not least because my service is supposed to max out at 50 (< 59), and the WiFi router I'm using is supposed to max out at 600 (> 20).

One possibility is that I just get rid of my router and pay Time Warner an extra $5/month to turn on WiFi on my cable modem.  Two problems with that: (1) it may not fix the problem, and (2) I hate giving money to TWC unless I absolutely have to.

I suspect my next step is to replace my ancient router with a more recent one that supports ac.  Would that make sense?

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Date:Friday (12/4/15) 7:47pm
I don't know much about networking and stuff, but I have gotten significant speed increases when I upgraded routers. I say go for it!

(don't know if you have your heart set on that router, but The Wirecutter has some good suggestions...)
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Date:Saturday (12/5/15) 10:52am
Ha!  As it happens, I'd already looked at that very article and ordered their top recommendation.  It should arrive tomorrow!
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