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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Saturday (12/26/15) 10:49pm - ... wherein Peter lists his favorite purchases of 2015.

I've made an annual tradition of posting my favorite things I've bought every year -- check out the posts for 2013 and for 2014.  There were far fewer impressive purchases this year, but all the same: drumroll please...

The Best Things I've Bought in 2015

LED Tap Lights
This is the simplest thing in the world, and I'm kind of shocked I never bought this sort of thing before.  This is a set of really bright LED lights that you can attach to any surface.  Each one has a little tappable toggle switch in the center.  So now I have a tap-light mounted under the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink, and I can actually see down there.

Kitchen Stuff
Taking sensible advice from Lindsey, I bought a few items for the kitchen, and all of them have been really useful, in a 'why didn't I own these before' sort of way: a sauté paddle, a bench scraper, and a salt cellar.  (The bench scraper alone has been a godsend.)

Slow Cooker
This was nothing special -- I just finally replaced my decade-or-two old slow cooker with a decent one.  This one seals up nicely, has handles for carrying, has a ladle that clips onto the topmost handle, and can be programmed to cook for a specific length of time.  Definitely recommended.

Anki is a flash-card application that's designed to put flash cards in front of you right at the optimal time (i.e., when you're just about to forget what's on the card).  The desktop version is free, but I liked it so much I splurged the full $25 for their iPhone app.  Perfect for memorizing all sorts of stuff.

Foldable Keyboard
Even after all these years, I still hate the iPhone virtual keyboard.  These days, I keep this small metal foldable keyboard in my backpack.  It's pricey, but it works perfectly, and it folds up nice and compact.

MacBook Dock
After my iMac self-destructed on me (fried logic board; good times), I switched over to using my MacBook for work.  I can plug my computer into this dock, and the dock hooks up my computer to my whole desk setup: a couple of monitors, my keyboard, my mouse, and all my peripherals.  Very handy.

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