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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (1/11/16) 8:18pm - ... wherein Peter looks to change up his exercising a bit.

Executive Summary:
I'm looking for a personal trainer that I could meet with on a weekly basis for the next couple of months. I'm looking for guidance on simple daily exercising that I can do at home.

Longer Version:
What I mainly want from fitness is to fight decay. I've hit forty, so my objective at this point is pretty much to lose as slowly as possible. And I saw my parents' inactivity turn into a pretty harrowing loss of mobility over the years, so god knows I want to avoid that. So: keep my joints from freezing up, keep from putting on a ton of weight, keep my muscles from totally atrophying.

I'd like to stick to a fitness plan that fits within my current schedule. Currently, that's 20 minutes on the elliptical per day, 5 minutes of yoga, and an hour of additional exercise three times a week. Ideally, I would even that "additional exercise" out to, say, half an hour per day. But I love running on the elliptical every day, and I like having that short span of yoga. I'm happy to, say, run different resistances on the elliptical, or to select different yoga poses to do, but I'm generally looking to stick to the schedule I've got.

That said, I have some problems with my current fitness stuff:
* My technique is not great, anywhere. This means that I'm not getting the most out of what I do, and in some cases I think it's actually threatening harm. (e.g., if I ruin my back by doing bad push-ups, I'll feel dumb and miserable.)
* I'm not varying things up. I'm told that one useful thing for a fitness plan is to "surprise" one's body periodically, but I've been doing the exact same exercises for years.
* I'm really just exercising whatever push-ups helps out with, and nothing else. I'd like to take care of my whole body, in hopes that my whole body will continue to take care of me.

I'm not really looking for anything new, or revolutionary, or trendy. I don't trust CrossFit, for example. If anything hurts, I'm going to quit doing it. I am not into fitness enough to do anything until I puke. I suppose I'm looking for reliable, safe exercises that I can learn to do with really good form. And I'm not looking for a short, intense thing to get in shape for some upcoming event. I'm looking for an un-splashy, maintainable, yet varying regimen that I can slot into my schedule for years to come.

One challenge: I'm looking to meet a trainer at their gym once per week, and then do my regular exercising at home. Put another way: if I have to go to a gym to exercise every day, it won't happen. I'm willing to buy reasonable equipment (I have a yoga mat, a barbell, and a weight vest, for example, as well as my trusty elliptical), but I won't buy more machines.

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