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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (1/18/16) 12:20pm - ... wherein there are job openings for Fiasco.

Hi everyone!

It's still a month or two before things really get rolling on Fiasco, but I want to start getting a crew together.  Specifically, I'm looking for a stage manager and an assistant director.  On the tech side, Lindsey (our tech director) is looking for technical improvisors to handle sound effects, lights, a computer-driven display screen, and possibly some "swing techs" who could sub in for various tech roles.

I'll describe the gigs in a bit more detail below.  If you're interested in the SM/AD positions, contact me via facebook or email.  If you're interested in the tech positions, contact Lindsey.  And in both cases, let us know if you're willing to forgo auditioning for the show to take on this position, or if you'd rather roll the dice on the audition, and take one of these roles if you don't make it.  (No shame in either route.)

Assuming the show follows general mainstage scheduling, there will be 8:30pm-10:00pm rehearsals in March, 7:00pm-10:00pm rehearsals in April, and 6:30pm-8:30pm rehearsals in May, all on Wednesday nights. (There may also be movie nights. Stay tuned.) Performances are Saturday nights at 8pm in May and June.

Without further ado, the job descriptions!

Stage Manager

The stage manager for Fiasco will handle the nitty-gritty logistics of rehearsals and performances.  The stage manager is everyone's best friend, because the stage manager makes the trains run on time throughout the process of developing and putting up a show.  Their rehearsal responsibilities on Fiasco will include the following:And during the run:

Assistant Director

Fiasco will have an assistant director because I can't be everywhere at once.  I also won't have enough hours in the day to handle all the myriad high-level tasks this show will require.  I will focus on aligning everybody towards making the best possible version of this show, and that means delegating a lot of other stuff.  The assistant director's responsibilities will include the following:

Tech Positions

Fiasco may not seem obviously tech-heavy -- after all, it isn't speculative fiction, or period drama, or something centered around multimedia -- but Fiasco will rely strongly on an innovative tech crew to capture the show's tension and its gallows humor, and to suggest the mannered, heightened quality of the Coen Brothers movies that inspire it.  Teching this show should be a fascinating, fun, and rewarding challenge.

To that end, Lindsey is looking for techs to handle sound effects and lighting.  She's also hoping to bring on one or more "swing techs" who can sub in for either role on certain performances.

We are also interested in a "computer tech" -- this show will have an onscreen display, similar to (but far simpler than) the ones in The International Improv Experience or False Matters, and we need a dedicated tech to handle that.  We may also try to write a simple web app for this display, if we're feeling ambitious.

Again, if you are interested in any of these tech positions, please contact Lindsey, via facebook or email.

Thanks for reading this!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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