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... wherein Peter tries writing a musical.

For the last year or two, I've been happily watching the Jukebox Musical Project at the Institution Theater -- little 25-minute musicals, written by comedy badass Courtney Hopkin and based around the songbook of some improbable artist, combined with some unlikely historical period. Eventually, months and months ago, I got a plot-bunny stuck in my head -- and once Fiasco finished up, I sat down and wrote James K. Polk, a 25-minute jukebox musical featuring the songs of They Might Be Giants.

Anyway, I wrote it, 90% sure that it wouldn't be the Jukebox Musical Project's cup of tea, but having lots of fun anyway. After finishing it, I did my due diligence, checked in with the folks behind the Jukebox Musical Project, and verified that this is way, *way* off the beam of what they're aiming for with that show. So: I add it to the stack of scripts and I move along contentedly to the next thing. :)

But I figure it's a fun read, regardless, so I've posted the script in PDF form. Read, imagine a director has gleefully cast lots of women and POC to play all the white dudes, and enjoy.

EDIT: Here's a Spotify playlist of all the included songs.
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