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... wherein Peter puts together a beat sheet for the spec script.

Hi all --

Here's the beat sheet I winded up submitting to tv class this past Saturday:

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I've also posted the feedback I got on this beat sheet.  Later tonight, I'll post about my problems with the beat sheet.  There's a good story somewhere in here, but I definitely need to fix some stuff.  (As always:  any help at finding the stuff to fix is welcome.)  It looks like I have the rest of the week to make corrections & adjustments.


... wherein Peter learns to stop worrying and love the spec.

It's been damn difficult to get myself to work on my spec these last couple of weeks, and I'm not sure why.  The helpful criticism I've gotten certainly hasn't discouraged me.  It's odd.

I suppose writing this post is, itself, a form of procrastination.  But maybe if I set down what's bugging me, it'll exorcize some of these demons, and I can relax and get to work.

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... wherein Peter writes at the rate of twenty words per hour.

My homework for TV class this week is to come up with three loglines for spec scripts for our show of choice.  I'm doing Burn Notice, and I came up with five loglines.  Could people (especially Burn Notice fans [especially innocentsmith]) advise me on your three favorites?

(... and if you can think of any adjustments I should make to those three favorites, lemme know.)

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Wow.  Yes, that's what I've spent my entire week coming up with -- literally hours and hours.  I'm having a damn good time, but good Christ on a pogo stick, coming up with loglines is hard work.

... wherein Peter does his first TV homework assignment:  a summary of Burn Notice.

You'll recall that in the first session of the TV-writing class, our assignment was to write a description of a TV show in current production.  We are to send in a written copy of the assignment tomorrow, and deliver the same information as a five-minute oral presentation in class on Tuesday.

I figured I'd post my first draft here so that innocentsmith people could sanity-check my work.

(And yes, I need to cut this down from ~800 words to ~600 words.)

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... wherein Peter finishes a movie script.

Yep, y'all can call me "Mark Foley", 'cos I just nailed my last page. :)

(Yes, I've been sitting on that pun for several days now.)

Anyway, draft one of the movie script is finished -- a total of 101 pages, easily the longest thing I've ever written.

I expect that draft-two rewrites will commence in a week or two.  (At the moment, I can barely stand to look at the script, let alone edit it.)