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... wherein surely Peter was never that young.  Or that blurry.  Or that iffy of an actor.

This is an update to a previous post, in which I mentioned the following:
When I was at Rice, I acted in a bunch of theatrical productions.  For almost fifteen years now, I've had this stack of old VHS tapes of shows I was in -- this month, I finally sent them all off to a transfer house to get them digitized before they degrade completely.

So now I have them all on snazzy little DVDs.

I just finished ripping the DVDs, editing the videos, and uploading them all to vimeo.

Here is the list of the shows with links to where you can watch them online:

So, that's my theatrical career at Rice.  If you can, please forward this page on to the people who were involved in the shows.


... wherein Peter answers a few questions from friends.

As part of the "8 things" meme, some folks asked me some questions.  I've finally put up all the answers.

Why Austin?  How did that happen? [from Chris O. Biddle]
I answered this one here.

How ARE you still single? [from Jordan T. Maxwell]
I answered this one here.

What got you interested in dancing and improv (I guess that might be two separate questions)? [from Patti Thomas]
Dancing is covered here, and improv is covered here.

Have you ever played a sport regularly? [from Sarah Nelson]
I answered this one here.

... wherein Peter talks about productivity.

This very flattering question came up on my formspring account:
You seem to get an awful lot of high-quality stuff actually done. What's your secret?[1]
I guess people can debate about the level of quality and the rate of output of my work, but I figured my answer might be of general interest in any case.

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[1] I still eagerly await the "Peter:  being so awesome -- how do you do it?" question.