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... wherein Peter tries writing a musical.

For the last year or two, I've been happily watching the Jukebox Musical Project at the Institution Theater -- little 25-minute musicals, written by comedy badass Courtney Hopkin and based around the songbook of some improbable artist, combined with some unlikely historical period. Eventually, months and months ago, I got a plot-bunny stuck in my head -- and once Fiasco finished up, I sat down and wrote James K. Polk, a 25-minute jukebox musical featuring the songs of They Might Be Giants.

Anyway, I wrote it, 90% sure that it wouldn't be the Jukebox Musical Project's cup of tea, but having lots of fun anyway. After finishing it, I did my due diligence, checked in with the folks behind the Jukebox Musical Project, and verified that this is way, *way* off the beam of what they're aiming for with that show. So: I add it to the stack of scripts and I move along contentedly to the next thing. :)

But I figure it's a fun read, regardless, so I've posted the script in PDF form. Read, imagine a director has gleefully cast lots of women and POC to play all the white dudes, and enjoy.

EDIT: Here's a Spotify playlist of all the included songs.

... wherein there will come soft rains.

Asaf commissioned me to write a sketch for This American Live.  These were his instructions: 
I was thinking it would be fun to do a sketch of a man coming home to where everything is an ecology of automation. drinks are ready, the house collects his coat, scans and display his mail. but because the house's prime directive is to care for the man's well-being, they are phasing out his free will.  they replace his martini with water, they cancel his appointments with women that are not right for him, etc.
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... wherein Peter plans a quick sketch show, and this requires lots of sifting.

Hmm.  Looks like Your Terrific Neighbors has invited me to do a fifteen-minute opening set for them at SVT at 8pm on the 23rd.  So, this means I've been dusting off several years' worth of sketches and sorting out my set from that.

I figured I'd post the current state-of-the-sorting.

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... wherein Peter sends off some advice to the radio-serial crüe.

So it looks like I've been signed on as a writer & actor for the Brand New Theater Company's upcoming radio serial.[0]  One point of clarification:  this won't be an old-school 40s adventure serial, but rather a series of pieces featuring a variety of characters dealing with the aftermath of some central event.

Because my schedule is OMGCRAZY, I am missing their first meeting tonight, where they're hammering out the basic details of their story.  This makes me sad, but I'm sending them this post with all the general advice I can think of.

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